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Yamaki a renounced brand in Japan that is built and design to especially close coupling or extended coupling to counterbalance the boat without the additional modification needed to fit both the engine and sterndrive. Yamaki has been supplying sterndrive to most Japan commercial fishing boats and workboat.


They are specially designed for reliability and as a workhorse sterndrive with high-quality parts and workmanship. Yamaki is not a mass-produced sterndrive, unlike most common western sterndrive.


The Japanese take pride in their quality and products, each part of the engine is specially hand-fitted and install to check every component to their standard before releasing it to the buyers. All of the parts fitted in Yamaki are all 100% Made in Japan in their factory which makes it even more reliable, as Japanese are widely known for their stringent quality check.


All Yamaki parts come with their proprietary special corrosion resistance aluminium alloy coating for all of there sterndrive, it has external hydraulic clutch gearbox which makes it easy for maintenance of the gearbox.

Yamaki Sterndrive is specially built for Heavy-Duty Commercial Boat its gearbox is specially designed with Heavy-Duty Oversize internal gear to ensure reliability & longevity for long continuous operations

Yamaki Sterndrive comes with 1 Year Warranty.

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