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Isuzu Marine Engine
ISUZU Marine Engin

Proven reliability in the commercial boat industry.
Running cost advantages and clean emissions by Isuzu Diesel technologies derived from its automotive engines.

Isuzu takes pride in the technical expertise that ensures the Isuzu product is the best in the marketplace. Isuzu is confident of the results its engine will produce

We have a huge range of horsepower of ISUZU Marine Engine for sales, it is suitable for different commercial usage. Engine power ranging from 66hp up to 720hp.


1947: Tokyo Boat Limited founded as a manufacturer, distributor, and repairer of marine diesel engines, marine generator sets, and marine gears.

1951: DA45 88-horsepower, compact, high-speed engine developed in first cooperative project with Isuzu Motors Limited.

1972: Isuzu Motors Limited injects capital and company name changed from Tokyo Boat Limited to Isuzu Marine Engine Inc.

1974: Construction completed on what is today the Chiba Plant, where marine engines are made.

2003: Dealership rights for Isuzu Motors’ marine engines transferred to the company.

2007: Developed the first common-rail marine engine in Japan.

2008: ISO 14001 and ISO9001 certifications obtained.

2013: All models certified compliant with IMO Tier II emissions regulation.

2014: Company name changed from Isuzu Marine Engine Inc. to Isuzu Motors Engine Sales Inc.

Ensuring Compliance

Isuzu Motors Engine Sales aims to be a sound company that contributes to society and is worthy of the trust-a company where all officers and employees are aware of and take responsibility for their own conduct.
One of the three principles of our Management Policy is “continuously maintaining internal control and thorough compliance.” In order for the company to fulfill its corporate responsibility to society, to contribute to society, and to be worthy of trust, we recognize that compliance activities are the most important management task, and it is no exaggeration to refer to these activities as “risk management” on which company survival depends.
For these compliance activities to be effective, it is fundamental that every single individual upholds a high level of ethical and moral values and behaves in accordance with internal and external rules. To achieve this, we work hard to build a corporate culture that facilitates an ongoing practice of self-examination, including questioning whether something in day-to-day work is against laws and regulations, internal rules, or general good judgment. Our culture supports interactive communication and active reporting, liaison, and consultation for a speedy resolution when there are any doubts.

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66hp - 136hp


66hp - 136hp

UM4J Series




109hp - 197hp




227hp - 281hp


506hp - 720hp

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