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Beta Marine has considerable experience from over twenty years of manufacturing marine generating sets for different applications; "Wide Beam" canal boats, passenger ferries, cargo boats, fast patrol boats, sailing yachts, barges, fishing boats, trawler, tugs, commercial vessels and "superyachts"

We distribute most electrical voltages and frequencies from 230 volt single phase; 415 volt 3 Phase; or any other normal electrical requirement - 50hz at both 1500, 300 rev/min, or 60Hz at 1800 and 3600 rev/min.

 Beta Marine water cooled 'Kubota' diesel engine, naturally aspirated, rated at either 1500 or 300 rev/min for operation in accordance with ISO 3046

Marine Generating Set

Beta Marine BetaSet Generator
Standard Up to 50 kVA
Beta Marine - Deutz Generator
Beta Marine - Deutz 
80 - 440 kVA
Beta Marine BetaGen Generator
'Super Silent' Up to 50 kVA
Beta Marine - Perkins Generator
Beta Marine - Perkins
30 - 120 kVA
Beta Marine - Cummis Generator
Beta Marine - Cummis 
50 - 1100 kVA
Beta Marine - Perkins
Beta Marine - Perkins
(E44 / E70)
Beta Marine - Scania
Beta Marine - Scania
200 - 600 kVA
Beta Marine - Volvo Generator
Beta Marine - Volvo
80 - 550 kVA

BetaSet Generator does come with Acoustic Canopy or Without Acoustic Canopy. They are categorized as BetaSet (without canopy), BetaGen (with canopy).

Acoustic Canopy: a substantial-quality zinctec/steel canopy with a 40mm sound-insulated lining and removable panels for easy maintenance; the noise level will be less than 58dB(a) when measured 7 metres under 'free field' conditions.

The kVA outputs detailed are maximum rated outputs available for an hour, continuous ratings are 90% of these figures, kW outputs are 80% of the kVA ratings; generators are 0.8 pf. 

For operation in a ship's engine room at 45°C ambient temperature, a derate will apply of 5%

*The BetaSet 4/2 and 6/2 are unity power factor machines

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