Beta 85 - EPA Certified

4 cylinder, turbocharged marine diesel propulsion engine developing 83 bhp at 2,800 rpm with a swept volume of 3331 cc. The engine is supplied complete with a heat exchanger/header tank, water cooled exhaust manifold, lagged turbocharger, fresh and sea water pumps, stainless steel injection bend, mechanical fuel lift pump, fuel filter with hand primer, oil filter, special quiet air intake filter, 12 volt starter, 70 amp alternator, control panel “ABV” with a 3m interconnection cable to engine harness and shutdown solenoid. Gearbox with nominal 2:1 reduction, heavy duty engine feet with flexible mountings, “Morse” type end fittings for speed and gear control, engine test certificate, operator’s manual. Red paint and packed on skid base with a 5 year “Self Service” warranty

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Installation Drawings

- Beta 85 TM345

- Special Feet



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