Supreme Ultra Foam Fender

Supreme Ultra Foam Fender is a closed-cell foam coated in Polyurea (P.U.) for a fendering system (foam-filled collar). Our system developed the foam using a high-quality EVA Foam special blend of Polyurea (P.U.) skin for additional reinforcement, prevention of wear and tear during extreme pressure and UV stabilized for all hot weather conditions. It can be built in any shape and size with different dampening characteristics to fit the individual requirements of the vessel. It is spectacularly lighter and stronger than a traditional fender, provides extra protection for the boat hull. The additional foam fenderings also add buoyancy to the boat and may even prevent the boat from sinking in the event the boat is swamped with water or when the hull bottom has been damaged.  This makes a light but extremely tough combination and gives a superior fender protection performance exceeding even those natural rubber fenders.

PU Foam Fender

Light foam core material encased with Tough Polyurea skin construction for Superior Light Weight and maximum performance. Used as boat fenders and industrial fenders.


  • High Buoyancy!

      1-meter supports approximately 80kg. 


  • Unsinkable

      Float on the water. Bounced back to its original shape after impact. 


  • Comes in all colors

      Red, Yellow, Black, Army Green, Grey, White and etc.


  • Custom Build

      To suit all kinds of Rigid Hulls, boats, and special applications.



PU Foam Fender
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